Full Circle

Saturday, November 16, 2019

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It's interesting how we may try to put something to the side or stop it altogether, but somehow it always finds its way back to us. Well, here's a little confession — I've walked away, at least tried to, from Purposely You about three times now. I know, that's terrible. It's disappointing for me even to type that out for you to read. There were moments where I felt ill-equipped to run Purposely You. Truthfully I felt that Purposely You was bigger than myself and that I wasn't living up to what I was "teaching." My most recent "break" from PY had to do with me rebranding the company to be a certain way. I was constantly changing something. It was an ongoing process of who is this for, and how should it look. I would say that I have changed the logo over five times by now — which is incredibly insane. Honestly, thinking about it, I was overthinking the entire process, which led me to be consumed by my emotions. I got caught up in what I saw on social media with other brands and wanting mine to look and feel just as authentic as theirs. It's been a back and forth battle of mine for some time. 

 Wait a minute…( Having an enlightening Moment)


Oh wow, I realize that every time I struggled with identifying myself, that made me struggle with Purposely You's identity. That's crazy but so true. I am so grateful for the process of writing because the answers I seek and don't seek are always revealed to me through it. But, wow, that's deep. Struggling with your identity of how you want to be, let alone how you want to present yourself to the world, can make you unstable, and affect your life's work. Which results in you never being satisfied with who you are. It's like a never-ending cycle of disappointment. Take the time to stabilize your foundation, which is yourself. 

Now, Back to the story…


No matter how many breaks I took from Purposely You, it's always found its way back to me. I guess it's like I'm the refrigerator, and PY is a magnet. It's never been outside of myself or bigger than myself — it's always been within me. I am the foundation for Purposely You. When something is within you, part of you, it will always find its way back to you, which means that it is intended for you and that it's part of your purpose. If you're a writer, but you keep putting off that book that you want to write and have a passion for storytelling, then write. Or, you find that you have an incredible ability to paint, then paint. Whatever it is you keep running from or putting down, go after it because it will keep finding its way back to you and come full circle. For those who have followed the journey of Purposely You, welcome back! And, for those who are new, welcome! Thank you for being a part of this journey with me. Great things are in store for Purposely You, so stay tuned. 

Be Purposely You! 

Photographer: Christian K. Germany