Just Make Room

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

I woke up at 7:30 in the morning without an alarm clock. Truthfully, because I had to get up to go to the bathroom, usually I would go right back to sleep, but this time I didn't. I've had the intention of waking up earlier for the past couple of weeks to get a head start to my day, but no avail until today. There was a different feeling in the air this morning. The best way I can describe it is that I had no choice but to move and start my day. I did my yoga, which entails a few simples stretches for my body, and I said my prayers. If you don't know, I'm a coffee drinker, and I very much enjoy those quiet moments in the morning while I drink my coffee. Most of the time, I'll get on my computer and start researching or take the time to read some blogs and current events, but not this time. I've been reading a book for the past several months. Throughout those months, I've picked it up and put it down a few times, but this morning I picked it up again. While I was reading this morning, I heard and understood the message that God wanted me to receive. The message was so clear, "make room." 

The amount of time I've spent focusing on my problems is unsettling. I have continuously focused on my pain, my past, why I'm not where I want to be in life, how people see me, the opinions of others, my doubts, and my fears. Anything that wasn't positive or adding to my life, I was making room for it. I made plenty of room at the table for the negative and left, not a single chair for the positive. That realization made me say, "wow!" It's no wonder why I would wake up heavy, sometimes feel confused, and wavered in my Faith all because I didn't make room for the positive. I desired to be better in all of my gifts and desired guidance to achieve each one, but I needed to make room. I'm sure that's the reason as to why I felt stuck, and to why it appeared as if I wasn't moving in the right direction. 

The outcome of our progress starts with our thoughts, and our thoughts lead to our actions. So, if we only make room in our thoughts for the negativity that will be the outcome of our life. Now, if we make room for positivity, then the result of our life will be just that, positive. I know that circumstances in life don't always afford us the luxury to be surrounded by positivity. However, we must fight and choose to heal from the pain in order to believe that we are deserving of what we want. Just make room. Make room for your gifts, make room for your purpose, make room for guidance, make room for greatness, and make room for all things good. Every one of us is destined for greatness, but we have to be ready and in the right mindset to achieve it. Anytime a negative thought pops up in your mind, remove its chair from your table. You no longer desire to sit at a table that is unfit for your greatness. 

What ways do you make room for positive things?


Photographer: Christian K. Germany