The Perfect Ending For A New Beginning

Monday, December 30, 2019

There’s something bittersweet about this year coming to an end. It’s the last year of a decade. Leading up to the new year, I kept hearing about how we are ending another decade and will begin a new one soon. It never occurred to me how significant that truly is until now. Ending another decade and entering a new one means many things. On one end, we are saying goodbye to what was, and on the other saying hello to something new, which means — a new season, graduating to a new level in life, sowing good seeds, growing, learning, seeing the fruits of your labor, and so much more. 

I can say with confidence that 2019 was the year that forced me to grow up. My year started rough and confusing, but as the year went by, the lessons were revealed, and I started to pay attention. It was my year of self-awareness, being still, building my confidence, and developing a deep love for myself that I didn’t know I needed. Everything that I was faced with this year brought me to a beautiful ending. What I concluded was that we all have a choice. We have a choice in how we see things, how we react to things, how we feel about ourselves, how we heal, and how we move forward. Every choice we make will lead us to a consequence, good or bad, so make a wise decision. That was my biggest revelation this year that I had a choice. Knowing that gave me a new perceptive on everything. 

It’s time to check-in on yourself, make sure you’re okay and prepare to kick things into high gear. Here are some things we all can do before starting the new year and beginning a new decade — release, review, decide, and take action. Release all the negativity. If you’ve been held down by opinions, doubts, fears, or pain, it’s time to let it go. Free up your mind and prepare your space for where you want to be. Review what you’ve learned about yourself this year. Take the lessons that were learned and apply them for next year. Decide what you want for your life. Many times we have good ideas and goals for what we want to achieve in our life but fall short of seeing them through. Please don’t choose to do something because someone else told you to do it. Do what’s in your heart for you to do and go after your purpose. Take action! Now that you’ve decided on what you want to do, it is time to go after it. Work on your goals, dreams, and purpose every day. The more you work on them, the closer you are to achieving where you want to be. 

You are more than cable of achieving what you set out to do in 2020. Keep believing in yourself, keep moving, and be purposely you. See you next year! 

What are some ways you get ready for the new year?  

Photographer: Christian K. Germany