The Power of The Blazer

Tuesday, December 3, 2019


Most days, I walk around dressed and looking like a kid. The good old jeans and t-shirt combination, but not in the chic way you see all the models wearing. I usually don't feel like being bothered by dressing up and looking my age — I just want to be comfortable. Now, there is the occasional time where I feel like dressing up my favorite pair of jeans and t-shirt, trade-in my boots for kitten heels, and complete the outfit with a black blazer. I was at my local grocery store when I noticed something different when I went out and wore my blazer. People were all of a sudden interested in what I did for a Living. I thought to myself, "you see me here all the time. As a matter of fact, you just saw me yesterday." It must have been how I carried myself with more confidence. Anytime I may be stuck in a rut; I find it helpful to dress up to help me get out of it even if I'm staying home to work. Dressing for "success" puts me in the mindset to be organized, get things done, and overall make me feel more productive. I know that it's beyond wearing a blazer and looking chic. It's about how you feel about yourself on the inside that grabs someone's attention. So feeling good on the inside and displaying it with whatever style you like will compliment you all the way around. Have fun with what you wear and remember to be purposely you.

Photographer: Christian K. Germany