Remember Your Purpose

Friday, January 24, 2020

We’ve all been there before when it comes to forgetting something that needs to get done. It’s quite easy to do because we’re bombarded with a million and one tasks throughout our day. But the one thing we may forget the most is our purpose. It’s easy to forget our purpose when we’re in the process of achieving our dreams. I did a little searching into this as to why this may happen. What I’ve noticed is that our idea of when something should be achieved, during the process of development and growth of what we are pursuing, distracts us from keeping our purpose in mind. We become caught up in an invisible competition with others, which contributes to us forgetting why we are pursuing what we love in the first place. Which ultimately throws us off course.

Our purpose is the foundation and driving force behind our life that provides us understanding, keeps us moving forward, brings us joy, and leaves us feeling fulfilled. There is no such thing as “planning to succeed faster,” nor gaining all the material things of this world that will fulfill you like your purpose. Take the time you need to develop and understand what it is you want to do in life. Let your purpose be revealed to you. Out of that, you will realize that patience is key and crucial to how you will operate in your life. Whatever it is that you are pursuing in life, it will take time. So, there’s no point in comparing yourself or your journey with that of someone else. I guarantee you that it took time for that person to be where they are today.

Staying connected with your purpose will bring you true happiness while you are on your journey to pursuing your dreams. Mainly because with a purpose, you know who you are, and with knowing who you are comes clarity. You will no longer feel like you have to become someone else to be “successful” or to achieve greatness. See, when we try to be someone else, it will only last but so long. Meaning that there will be no foundation or longevity in the life that you are creating. I know that it’s challenging but try to push aside the urgency of “success.” One of the most beautiful things I’ve learned about remembering my purpose is that I’m no longer bothered or frustrated when everyone around me is achieving their goals. Don’t look at it as you being left behind because you’re not. Your journey is your journey, and their journey is theirs. So, as you go about your day, remember your purpose.

What do you do to remember your purpose? 

Graphics by Racquel John 

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